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Getting on Board

With activities, laughter, bouncy castles, grandads, grandmas, parents, child minders and children, all enjoying themselves at St. Mildred’s in our ‘ Getting on Board with God’ event during last February’s half term, little did we know that, within a few weeks, life as we knew it would change so dramatically with Lockdown!

Keeping sailing

Yet, despite St. Mildred’s Church and Centre being silent for months, we continued to function as an emergency and invaluable Community Food Hub until September, when the first small ‘green shoots’ of usage began to appear. Of course, we were silenced again by Lockdown 2, the dormancy of which may well linger on until the New Year. However, these dark times will eventually pass and I believe that St. Mildred’s will surely burst with new life and vigour again.

Keeping financially afloat

We know that many of you love and enjoy coming to this safe, happy and inspiring place where Christian love and service can be experienced in so many different ways. Of course, like many other places, we still have to fulfil many of our financial commitments and pay maintenance bills with a minimal amount of income.

Get on Board today

We look forward to those happy times returning and, in the meantime, invite you to support us by donating to our ongoing work and mission. By doing this, you will enable St. Mildred’s once again to be the beacon of light and love in our local community. I invite you right now to ‘Get on Board’ by helping us in our work.

Revd. Roger Hagon – Vicar


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