WOW Church

WOWChurch is our ‘Virtual Church’ where individuals can communicate with each other and with God in very real ways. WOWChurch, is an on-line community, centred on Jesus and Christian values, bringing people together free from the barriers of geography and inhibition, united in the belief that Church isn’t just a building; it’s a personal life changing experience.

WOWChurch is made up of three distinctive features;


A selection of thought provoking video messages, some produced by St. Mildred’s, others sourced from Christian organisations, with an opportunity for meaningful group chatting afterwards.


Talk individually and anonymously. Our Chat hosts are not professional counsellors but simply Christians who care about others; offering friendship, healing and a chance to talk things through.


Leave a prayer request on our prayer wall and your prayer will become our prayer too.

An on-line Church will never replace the experience of visiting a ‘Bricks and Mortar Church’ but it will enable us to reach out to young people and anyone (whatever their age) who cannot actually get to Church – to serve that section of our community better.

A virtual Church gives us a unique portal into individual’s lives, via a desktop, tablet, smart phone or laptop. Meaning that whoever they are, where ever they are, whatever they are doing, WOWChurch visitors can have a supportive and most importantly, a portable, relationship with Church. For those who have never been inside an actual Church, WOWChurch provides a wonderful insight into how being part of a Christian community strengthens you and how much easier it is to live in faith.