Community Garden update🌸🌺🌼🍀
In our garden, not only do we tend to flowers and teach about food production but we also try to create an environment that is kind to local birds and wildlife. There is a small water feature, shelter in our hedging and wild flower garden and also feeding tables offering seeds and fat balls.
So very welcome and happy do a pair of Robins feel, that they have nested in an artificial flower display within our garden chapel; which is an indoor space, with an open roof. Early in the mornings the Robins have even taken to flying up and down the Concourse!
We are watching the nest carefully and will protect it by keeping the door locked until any chicks have fledged. After which we will remove the silk flowers displays and reopen the chapel.
Community gardeners meet on a Tuesday 2pm-4pm, all welcome, to join in or to just sit and enjoy the garden (and the birds!). Our entrance is in Sefton Road.
The garden is also open on the first Saturday of the month 9.30am -12.30pm.



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