What is the common cup in the Church of England?
The common cup means drinking the wine, the Blood of Christ, from a shared cup or chalice. Communion in one kind is receiving only the bread, or only the wine from the common cup. Communion in two kinds means receiving the bread and then the wine from the common cup.

As a Parish within the Church of England we have been asked to review the way we administer communion and the PCC does not have the authority to question, challenge or dispute this ruling. We have to accept and apply it.

We are aware that for many of you this will provoke disappointment, sadness, maybe even irritation and health concerns.

Therefore in view of this directive, we will as from Sunday the 2nd of June services both 8am and 10am and all Eucharist services thereafter be changing the way Holy Communion is administered. Communion will be offered in both kinds of the wafer and wine, however, the wine must be taken from the common cup/chalice. No intincting/dipping will be permissible by either the persons distributing the wafer or yourselves.

It is not necessary/required to receive communion in both kinds, because in receiving in one kind, we receive both Christ’s body and blood, which fulfils John 6.53.

Therefore when you come to the altar to receive communion, the decision will always be yours to receive the bread/wafer only, then arise and leave or to wait and receive the wine from the common cup/chalice and then arise and leave. The wine would not be offered to you if you still have the bread/wafer in your hand, and you will be given the opportunity to consume the wafer before being offered the wine. If you still do not consume the wafer, the chalice bearer will move on. We ask for your understanding as we make these changes which we know will not meet everybody’s approval, but PLEASE, PLEASE do not attempt to intinct/dip.

Please speak to a member of the Ministry Team or the Churchwardens with regards any concerns you may have or to give any feedback. We thank you and appreciate your co-operation as we implement these changes.


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