Not only are we growing  fruit and vegetables and tubs of flowers, we are also thinking of the wildlife:

Have you seen the wild flower garden by our entrance gate in Sefton Road? The plants have shot up and we have some beautiful flowers just popping out. Wildflowers are an important part of our community garden as they support pollinators such as bees and butterflies, which in turn help provide food sources for local wildlife.
Its no coincidence that we have built a bug hotel right next door as a shelter for hedgehogs, toads, solitary bees, moths, ladybirds , spiders, beetles and woodlice.
We like to think that having the wild flower garden next to the bug hotel, is a bit like the Coombe Lodge, with the Premier Inn, next to the Beefeater restaurant. 🐞🐝🕷🐜
Our community gardeners meet every Tuesday afternoon from 2pm – 4pm. No experience needed, just come along and join in.



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