A message from the Croydon Refugee Day Centre:

We are close to Christmas now, but I have just learned that there is another hotel of asylum seekers opened in the Croydon area. It currently has 138 newly arrived families, single girls and men and is due more people in the next week.
They urgently need winter clothing, shoes, socks, underwear. Toys for the children. These are people we were not expecting, so the Refugee Day Centre is not geared up to meet their needs.
If your church can help, and please spread this request far and wide, donations can be taken to West Croydon Baptist Church on Monday 19th December from 10-12. If you have some time and could help sort, label and display the clothing, that would also be fantastic. The Centre is not open the following two weeks.
Let’s show the love of Christ in Croydon!


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