Rona Macdonald recently attended a Diocesan selection conference where the selectors ‘were impressed with her Love for God and her practical Faith in Action’.

We are delighted to hear that as a result, she has been recommended for Lay Reader training.

Readers are lay people who are licensed by the Bishop to teach the faith, enable mission, and lead in church and society.
Readers are volunteers – they receive no payment for their ministry. Many also have secular careers, and this often helps in relating the Gospel and the Christian life to the lives of the members of their congregations. As people who daily move between the worlds of work, home, social networks and church, they have a distinctive gift, bridging those worlds and bringing theology to bear on everyday life.

They work together with their incumbent and may preach, lead (non-Eucharistic) worship, and participate in pastoral care, funeral ministry, and exercise many other aspects of leadership in church and society.

Rona starts her training in September.


Please pray for her as she embarks on the next stage of her journey of faith


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