Join the call to pray for our brothers & sisters in Ukraine
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During World War II, an adviser to Prime Minister Winston Churchill organized a group of people to stop whatever they were doing at a certain time each night to work in the community for the peace, safety and security of the (resident) people in England to pray.
They did this every day and it was as if the city stood still, such was the power of prayer.
The result was so overwhelming that the bombing was stopped after a short time!
Now we are organizing again, a group of people of different nationalities, to spend a minute praying for the security of our countries, for an end to the problems that oppress and oppress us, and for God to guide the decisions of our rulers.
Each country has a time and for us in the United Kingdom it’s 3pm. Let’s pause for a minute each day at 3pm to pray for world peace, for an end to conflict and for the restoration of peace & tranquility. If prayer is not for you, how about stopping whatever your doing at 3pm and just be still and quiet, thinking about all who are affected by this conflict in Ukraine.


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