St. Mildred’s, supported by a Croydon Episcopal Area Mission Grant, is creating a wheelchair accessible community garden in a concreted area that is currently unused and neglected.

This very exciting project will make a positive difference to the lives of local people and our environment, creating opportunities for positive interactions with different people, from different backgrounds, of different ages and bringing people closer to God’s creation.
Our Community garden will grow organic vegetables, salads and fruits that can be used by St. Mildred’s Church and Community Centre groups, as fresh ingredients to produce healthy, organic meals.
St. Mildred’s community garden will have raised bed planters, so that the elderly and disabled can weed, plant and care for flowers and vegetables on their own without needing assistance.
In addition to food production, St. Mildred’s community garden will have a small area given over to wildflowers and grasses, with bird boxes and a ‘bug hotel’ to support nature and to provide the opportunity for individuals to just sit and observe different species including bees and butterflies.

to read lots more about this amazing project click  here


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