Spirit of God, you call us to celebrate our past, to live consciously in the present and to follow you into the future.
You invite us to new ventures, new challenges.
You invite us  to new ways to care, and new ways to touch the hearts of all people.
When we are fearful of the unknown, give us courage.
When we worry that we are not up to the task, remind us that you would not call us If you did not believe in us.
When we are tired or feel disappointed with the way things are going, remind us that you can bring change and hope out of the most difficult situations.
Breathe into us new life and new meaning, especially as we leave this gathering.
Endow us with energy and give us the strength needed to do our part to transform the world and to empower each other and those around us.
We make this commitment in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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