In view of the oncoming winter, checking in will be inside the Church. There will be a Churchwarden braving the conditions to welcome you & to sell masks if needed & supply gel. As you come in to Church, you will check in on the left hand side where the sidespeople used to be.
We are fortunate that as a Church we are not restricted to 30 people, but in order to keep safe, there are, unfortunately, many rules and restrictions. The Churchwardens have at times felt like the Covid police in trying to ensure that everybody does everything in accordance with the guidelines. By now, everybody should know the rules, but in  case anybody has forgotten we have listed them below.
Masks and visors
A couple of weeks ago, we advised that visors would be an acceptable face covering. As we are sure you are aware, things change so quickly in these strange times; then visors appeared better than masks, but new research says otherwise. According to Croydon’s covid experts, they do not meet face covering requirements. We recommend now that face masks should be worn in Church, but as it appears that visors are still legal covering in England (but not Scotland!!), visors will be acceptable for the time being. Masks and visors are available for sale at £3, profits donated to organ fund.
Path outside Church
The path between the main door & the emergency exit behind the pulpit is very uneven & we have temporarily closed it except for wheelchairs.
The 8.00 service will take place in the lady chapel and entry and departure will be through the emergency exit behind the pulpit. Numbers are strictly limited. At the 10.00 service, we can cope with extra people who have not signed in, but this will not be the case at 8.00. You must send Graeme (nobody else!!!) an e-mail  specifically saying that you wish to come to 8.00.
This Sunday’s 10.00 Communion will be similar to last Sunday’s.
Everybody remains seated throughout the service.
The choir will practise in the Church from 9.45 until 9.55 and will sing an anthem at Communion.
Guidelines reminders
Please sit down as soon as you have come into Church. There have been occasions where a blockage has occurred at the entrance where people are chatting.
This is human nature, but in the current situation, it must be avoided.
Please do not approach within 2 metres of somebody who is not part of your household-you may be happy to get close to them, but they may not be happy for you to get close.
Once you have sat in a seat, please stay in that seat.
Please sit in a seat with a service sheet on it, not the one next to it as that means you will not be 2 metres away from the next person.
Please do not move any chairs. In the unlikely event of furniture removals being necessary, please ask a Churchwarden or sidesperson.
At the peace, we remain seated, and at the response, we can nod, wave to our neighbours, or put our hands together in a prayerful manner (Thai style).
At the Communion, we still remain seated, The Vicar or a server will bring bread to each of us. It is important that when they come to you, you must extend your arms to the maximum to receive Communion; if you would like a blessing, please keep your hands at your chest .It is very important to keep social distancing as far as possible.
Though we have no problem with numbers, it is still vital to check in with Graeme to comply with “track & trace” and if you are part of a family group the number of family members attending. This applies to EVERYBODY!!! including the choir, families of sidespeople and Churchwardens. Graeme tells himself he is coming every week!!
Please try to arrive early at Church; if everybody arrives between 9.57 and 10.05 we will end up with a queue outside, which really is the last thing we want.
You will need to use hand gel (provided). Entry will be through the old main door to the Church. If you intend to leave straight after the service, we suggest you sit on the pulpit side, if you would like a couple of extra minutes of quiet or to listen to the organist, we suggest that you sit on the organ side, as at the end of the service the pulpit side will leave first. Please do not attempt to leave until invited to by the Churchwardens, but please do so immediately when asked.
Service sheets will be on the chairs-if you are in a household group, you can move them to sit together, but please ensure that you leave 2 chairs between you & any non household person.
Please take the service sheet home with you. You should not need to touch hymn books or bibles but if you do so, please leave it in the box for touched books at the exit. You will leave from the emergency exit near the pulpit. Churchwardens & sidespeople will be on hand to guide & assist. At the end of the service, please leave promptly when advised to do so, those on the pulpit side leaving by the North aisle, those on organ side by centre aisle, please do not congregate on the path or on the pavement outside Church.
There will be no Sunday school or creche and there will only be a couple of childrens’ books available, so if you are bringing younger children, you may like to bring something with you.
There are no toilet facilities available except for emergencies as the centre is closed. In such an emergency, speak to the warden at the back of Church & he/she will open the music room toilet. If you do need to use this facility, it is vital that you use gel on entering, wipe all surfaces with disinfectant tissues (provided) and re-use gel when re-entering Church.
There will be a retiring collection on the way out.
We do hope that the necessary arrangements do not put you off from coming, but we are doing all we can to make everybody safe, and make everybody feel safe.
Croydon’s Covid team have asked that we recommend to all who are eligible (65+ & other special groups)to get their Flu vaccine as soon as possible

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