As many of you know, Judith has been training over the past three years for ordained ministry in the Church of England.
Under normal circumstances, she would have been ordained Deacon at the end of June. However, all ordination services were postponed at that time because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, she was licenced to her new parish of St Matthew, Redhill and has been made very welcome there.
She is enjoying getting to know people and taking her first steps in public ministry.

We are pleased to let you know that as restrictions have been lifted her Ordination service can now go ahead and Judith will be ordained Deacon in Southwark Cathedral at 2pm on Saturday 19 September with five other Ordinands from the Croydon area.
Unfortunately due to current guidelines for public worship, the service is limited to close family in terms of attendance – but we can all be there in spirit and pray for Judith and her family and her continuing ministry.

Hopefully we can celebrate properly in June 2021 when she is ordained Priest but that remains to be seen!


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