You ask me what it felt like,
The day the Spirit came?
Well, I can only answer you
In terms of wind and flame.

How else can I explain it,
In words that help you see?
It’s nothing that I’ve felt before,
It changed the world for me.

Just sitting in that upper room,
Our thoughts began to roam,
Our life with Jesus over,
We talked of going home.

And then it’s present with us,
I can’t describe its form,
Like wind that shook and moved us,
Like flame so bright and warm.

Its energy flowed through us,
We’re confident and strong,
Our hearts are filled with gladness,
Our mouths are filled with song.

It’s just as Jesus promised,
The Holy Spirit’s true,
The Helper, Friend and Comforter,
Has come today, for YOU!


Rev’d Barbara Pearson (reproduced with permission)


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