Christ is erstanden BWV 627

This is a larger scale work from the Orgelbüchlein, in three verses as set out below. You can imagine after the austere season of Lent, Bach stunning the congregation with this chorale on full organ as they arrive in the church.

Christ is risen
from all his torments,
we should all be joyful at this,
Christ wants to be our consolation.

Lord have mercy.
If he were not risen,
then the world would be lost.
Since he is risen,
we praise the father of Jesus Christ.

Lord have mercy.
alleluia, alleluia!
We should all be joyful at this,
Christ wants to be a consolation .
Lord have mercy

Christ lag in Todebanden BWV 625

This short chorale prelude doesn’t reflect the lengthy 7-verse hymn, but again it shows Bach’s peerless facility at harmony and counterpoint to full effect.

Christ lay in death’s bonds
handed over for our sins,
he is risen again
and has brought us life
For this we should be joyful,
praise God and be thankful to him
and sing allelluia,


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