Sei gegrüßet, Jesu gütig, BWV 768 – Chorale and Partitas VI and VII

The Chorale Partita BWV 768 is a tour de force in the organ repertoire, where Bach explores the expressive possibilities in a set of variations (Partitas) on a simple Lutheran chorale melody. During this week we will hear a number of the Partitas, each time preceded by the chorale.

The chorale is harmonised in four parts, with typical Bach inventiveness and beauty. Partita VI is in compound time, and played here only on the Fluit 4 (sounding an octave higher than written). Partita VII is a trio with one part in each hand the chorale played in the bass by the pedals.

Jesu, Saviour, heed my greeting!

Kind and gentle is Thy being.

Long the torture Thou hast suffered,

Deep the insults to Thee offered.

Let me all Thy love inherit,

And meet death in Thy sure merit!


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