Let’s make a noise…

…. for front-line doctors and nurses, risking their own health (clap)

…. for ambulance crew, finding and rescuing the sick (clap)

…. for pharmacists, dispensing life-saving medicine (clap)

…. for hospital laundry staff, working with unhygienic linen (clap)

…. for health ministers having to make tough decisions (clap)

…. for volunteers, proving the sheer goodness of human nature (clap)

…. for physiotherapists, helping people breathe (clap)

…. for factory workers and designers, providing ventilators and protective clothing (clap)

…. for the NHS, rising to face the new challenge of Covid19 (clap)

…. for God, whose Son Jesus accepted a Corona of his own, the Corona of Thorns out of saving love for the human race so will never have to face Coronavirus alone. (silent clap)



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