Organ Project Update

The organ rebuilding project continues to progress. Since our last update, our Organ Committee has met with the equivalent group from St Paul’s URC, with a view to discussing terms for acquiring the redundant 1906 Lewis organ for relocation to St Mildred’s. Both groups were very much in agreement, and while final figures have yet be agreed, there is no obvious obstacle to completing the acquisition of the Lewis pipework.

In April, the three tenders received by the Organ Committee were considered and one was recommended to the PCC when it met on 20 May. It was unanimously agreed by the PCC to pursue this course to the next stage, and apply to the Diocese of Southwark for a faculty to complete the work. The application will be in this week and will hopefully be considered at the June meeting of the Diocesan Advisory Committee.
We will keep you all up to date as soon as news becomes available.


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